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Euro 2020 (UEFA European Championship, UEFA Euro 2020) is the main competition of national teams under the leadership of UEFA. Held every four years. Portugal was the most recent winner in 2016. The Euro 2020 tournament has been postponed to the summer of 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The first two competitors from each group and the top four national teams in third place will advance to the 1/8 final playoffs.

For marketing purposes, the competition will be held under the name Euro 2020/2021 Recall that the Championship was postponed for a year due to the coronavirus pandemic

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European Championship 2020 - Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the host of Euro 2020?

Unlike previous European Championships, Euro 2021 is spread across 11 host cities across the continent, so there won't be a separate “home team” per se. This is good as it means that no team will have a home advantage throughout the tournament. This ensures a level playing field.

When exactly will the European Championship 2020 take place?

The championship will be held from June 11th to July 11th, 2021.

Which Euro 2020 teams are the favorites to win?

Favorites of Euro 2021 are England, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal.

Will there be Euro 2020 promotions available at Betwinner?

The European Championship is one of the largest sporting events in the world, so Betwinner will have many bonuses for existing customers.

Predictions for the European Championship 2020

At Euro 2020, 11 major cities on the continent will play 51 matches and 24 countries will compete for European supremacy. The current holders, Portugal, will be doing their best to defend the trophy they won back in 2016, but with so many strong opponents, they will have to work hard to keep it. Place your bets on the winner of the European Championship on the official Betwinner website!

St. Petersburg

Euro 2020 qualifying table

Euro 2020 groups
Group A
Group B
Group C
North Macedonia
Group D
Czech Republic
Group E
Group F
Forecast for Euro 2020, Group A

This is a very interesting start group. The Italy squad is the favorite to win the group. However, the other three teams are happy to have made it to the Euro 2020 qualifiers. Wales have made it to the semi-finals of Euro 2016, but it should come as no surprise if they finish at the very end or not make the playoffs at all.

The teams of Turkey and Switzerland will compete for the second place. The Turks have good defensive performance and great team spirit, which plays a key role in a tournament like this. That might be enough to beat the Swiss national team in a showdown, and they could take their place after Italy.

Forecast for Euro 2020, Group B

Belgium is a team that many believe can win all three games in this group, which will really strengthen the team's credibility early on.

For the second and third places in this group, most likely, Russia and Denmark will fight. The Danish soccer team has shown solid ability against some of the major European countries and this will help them here. The Russian national football team played well at the 2018 World Cup. If we rely on the quality of the national teams, we believe that Denmark has a slight advantage, so we predict that the team will take the second place in the group. Russia is enough to qualify, finishing third. The Finnish national team will complete the table.

Forecast for Euro 2020, Group C

The Netherlands national team is by far the outstanding team in Group C and has many opportunities for the three opposing teams.

The North Macedonian football team may finish in second place after the Netherlands. The squad demonstrated their ability by qualifying for the final, and on top of that, they recorded a recent victory over Germany, which was an excellent result for them and really boosted the confidence of the players. Ukraine and Austria claim to leave this group.

Forecast for Euro 2020, Group D

This is definitely one of the best groups in the championship. There are England and Croatia here - two teams that met in the semi-finals of the World Cup back in 2018.

Add to this Scotland, which has a huge rivalry with England and the Czech Republic. Sometimes this kind of competition can be dangerous, so this group is worth watching. We think England will come out on top and beat Croatia.

England now has more experience, players in their prime, and even more young people allowed to prove themselves. It is easy to see why England are among the favorites of the tournament and we think they can start well by winning this group.

Croatia is in second place, and they are expected to beat Scotland and the Czech Republic. Scotland is an unpredictable team, so it could have every chance of causing trouble for the Czechs.

Forecast for Euro 2020, Group E

The Spain national football team is an outstanding team in Group E. They have an excellent chance of making it through the group stage by winning all three games. They may not be the familiar Spanish team we've seen over the past few decades, but they have to be more than good to come out of this group into the top spot.

An intriguing battle will follow. Slovakia's soccer team cannot be discounted and has the ability to play unexpectedly, although Poland and Sweden will be the two teams competing for victory. With Lewandowski attacking for Poland, the balance outweighs them. Assuming Spain wins in this group as we expect, the game between Sweden and Poland could very well be one of the biggest in the group.

Forecast for Euro 2020, Group F

Group F of Euro 2020 is a death group and while the three big teams are likely to score enough points to advance to the playoffs, it is difficult to know in what order they will finish. Of the three major nations, France should be noted here, which has a team that is at its peak. The team showed excellent results at the 2018 World Cup.

Portugal have also enjoyed success, winning Euro 2016 and beating France in the final, but many of their best players are now reaching the end of their careers. They are good enough to take this country far, but perhaps not good enough to defeat the elite.

The German national football team is now in a transition period. Currently, the national team includes many new and young players. No doubt they'll get good again, but it might take another year or two before they start showing it.

We believe that France will lead the group, Portugal will finish second, Germany will finish third. All three are expected to advance to the playoffs, and this will be a very tough tournament for the Hungarian national team.

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